Improving Techniques For Lunker Bass and Other Game Fish

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, perch, walleye, pike, there’s a vast multitude of game fish in the waters of the Earth. So many fish equate so many different techniques, so many different lures all for the purpose of fulfilling our favorite sport. One must ask, where do I start or how can I improve? You can read books, you can watch TV, and you can even go to classes to help you in your endeavor to maximize your fishing abilities. A good way to better your skills is simple, experiment.

“Practice makes perfect” is a cliche phrase we use in everything nowadays, but it also makes sense in the art of fishing. Trying out new lures may end up giving you a surprise by the end of the day. I can’t help but mention how many times the walleye would hit a certain color lure one day, but not the next. Experimenting yields results that in the long run will put more fish in your bucket. Go ahead and try it out. Try fishing in new spots, new lakes, different states. Try using live bait, lures, bare hooks, what have you. It’s all common sense, but remember that you won’t catch fish automatically.

Experimenting takes time such is the reason why theories take years to be proven. You’ll come away some days with nothing; these days fall back to your age-old techniques to at least ensure a fish or two. A better proposition is that you can have your friends and family try out different techniques with you so that the time for results is faster.

There are so many techniques out there; you should use them all. Who knows how many lunker bass you can catch out in the wild. Maybe you’ll catch the state record, maybe you’ll catch a bigger creel of fish, it never hurts to try something new out when there is so much to gain.
Maybe you can learn some new tips and techniques here.

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